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Time and Attendance

Human Capital Managers (HCM) will perform a Time and Attendance Survey and recommend the correct time clocks and attendance software to meet your criteria.
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The following is a sampling of how your company might benefit by using a customized Time and Attendance system and that can integrate into your HCM payroll system.
Food and Restaurant
Allow server and hostess employees to transfer between job codes with ease & track tipped amounts.
Medical Office
View employee hours when you're on-the-go or doing hospital rounds.
Setup differing pay rates by department, time of day, or other custom labor categories.
The mobile makes tracking hours a breeze. Geo-location location services allows for greater insight & accountability with job site details.
Retail Store
Prevent buddy punching with the biometric clock. Enrolling employees has never been easier.
Call Center
Handle a mixed environment of workers at-home or at your call centers of operation through both web clock-in and wall-mounted clocks
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