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Human Capital Managers can supply as well as manage all of your Human Capital Needs.
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Service Bureau

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Become an Accountant Partner with Human Capital Manageers (HCM) and Enhance Client Retention With An Easy to Use Payroll Processing System and a included Q & A Fully Functional Human Resources Support Center Available 24/7. Check out our commission program.
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Human Resource Support Center
  • Payroll Specialists are provided with payroll
  • An HR Support Center is also provided 24/7
  • Simple Q&A system provides HR Information
  • Monthly newsletter system keeps client up to date
  • Employee Handbook tools and more...
  • Upgrade to "ON-DEMAND" system for live HR pros
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Payroll Patform
  • Easy to use Payroll platform - Easy as 1-2-3
  • Convenient and secure
  • Uses latest Cloud Technology
  • Payroll can be branded with your information
  • System is efficient, reliable and AFFORDABLE
  • You can refer a client and we will process payroll
4425 SW Martin Highway
Palm City, FL 34990
Telephone: 800.679.9905 FAX: 866.236.8575
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