Payroll Synergy is a corporation dedicated to providing affordable payroll and human resource services to clients in all 50 states.
To become the provider of choice for Payroll and Human Resource services by offering to our clients expert partners with highly competent staffs and a variety of options.
It is our goal to afford our clients with more time to focus on their core business by simplifying the payroll process in enhancing productivity.
We will do this by committing to excellence on behalf of our clients, their employees, and the employees of Payroll Synergy.
Commitment to Excellence
In order to meet the demands of our mission statement our staff is committed to the following standards in the workplace:
Client FIRST: Every single decision YOU make, regardless of position, MUST have the client's best interest FIRST.
Communication: You must be honest, timely, efficient and consistent with our communication, both internally and externally. Our company must grow and learn through our team, so feedback is never turned away.
Teamwork: it is critical that you understand our goal of delivering prompted professional service and support each other in our efforts to work together. That means no barriers between departments.
Attitude: it all starts here! Our staff has to be positive when speaking to clients, prospects and fellow employees. Nothing on EARTH can stop the person with the right mental attitude.
SYNERGY: The combining of two elements to create a stronger entity...
Mission Statement
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